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Dynamic. Authentic. Passionate. These are a few ways the Brooklynnative Aswan Morris is described. Aswan is said to be a rare combo of power and approachability. Currently living in Harlem, NY, Aswan is husband to his wife Heather and father to his four (4) amazing kids: daughters Genesis and Chayse, sons Aswan Jr., and Axel. It has been through the world class organization Young Life that Aswan has been able to serve inner city youth for the last 10+ years. With his degree in Public Relations, Aswan uses his professional training to carry out his passion of inspiring people toward growth. He is often asked to speak at graduations, youth conferences, churches, and leadership trainings. As a wordsmith, Aswan loves using the spoken word to enrich, challenge, and encourage his audiences. He has branded the new term "Speaking Artist.” Currently Aswan is finishing his graduate studies in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary. Aswan's continued studies have served him well as the Connections Pastor at Renaissance Christian Church in Harlem, NY.