Jeneva Wynn


Jeneva is the co-founder, secretary/treasurer, and executive director of Plant 4 Harvest. Jeneva has 15 years of market place experience ranging from office to health administration. During her journey working in the market place she got saved and developed a heart for worship and a deep love for Jesus, and her life has never been the same.

After being saved from an abusive relationship, and a life that was leading to death, Jeneva began her journey in ministry. She has now been in ministry for 10 years along with her husband Timothy Wynn and has gained a wealth of experience with leading teams, training and coaching, worship ministry, and women in ministry. Jeneva has attended House of David School of Ministry, Berean School of the Bible, and to further her experience in leadership, she is now attending Southeastern University and is currently studying organizational leadership and human services. Her heart’s desire is to see women and families set free from bondage, poverty, and even be launched into the call that God has placed on their lives.

She coaches and trains men and women to discover and embrace their God given identity, so that they can run with it, and be who he has made them to be. Her desire is to see communities transformed one person and family at a time, and is able to utilize her skills at Plant 4 Harvest to help those who need tools and strategies to make their God given dream a reality.