Kristian Hernandez


Kristian is the Lead Pastor of Hope Church Astoria, the founding church of the Hope family of churches started in 2012. 

Before coming to Hope, Kristian served as the Director of Ministries at Resurrection Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Under the mentoring of Bishop Joseph Mattera Kristian grew as a minister and leader, preaching and training preachers, leading the youth ministry for many years, discipling and counseling, and overseeing renovation projects. Short term mission trips played a huge part in his life, stirring an insatiable desire to see people experience the power of God’s Spirit in their lives.

He and his family live in Rockaway, NY enjoying the beach whenever they can. Coffee is probably his best friend, and reading books make him pretty happy. If laughing and finding humor in things were a crime, he would be sent away for life without parole.