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9:00a - 10:00a - Breakout Session 4

Please choose one of the breakout sessions below to attend during this time:

1. Shameless Church: Learn Practical Strategies For Creating a Shameless Church Culture That Deepens Trust, Health and Missional Strength
Speaker: Shaun Marshall
Room assignment: Main Sanctuary


2. Preaching that Transforms the Preacher & Churches that Train Preachers
Speaker: Kristian Hernandez
Room assignment: Basement 1


3. ***CANCELED***

For What Shall It Profit a Planter to Grow a Big Church But Lose Their Own Soul? Soul Lessons Learned From Depression, Failures, Insecurities, Anxieties, and Successes During the Church Planting Journey
Speakers: Dave Choi
Room assignment: Basement 2

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